Normative Data


Standardized Surveys Provide Normative Data For Effective Comparisons

The Survey Institute is an industry leader in designing and implementing cutting-edge survey research with the goal of developing normative data for comparison purposes. Our standardized surveys are driven by a continual research initiative that identifies the key factors driving survey participant satisfaction and engagement throughout various industries. By conducting our own qualitative and quantitative research, we maintain the most up-to-date question catalog of issues, with the scientific research backing to understand the relevance and importance of each question. The major benefit of our standardized research is that it contains a core set of survey questions for each client to build upon or use as a stand-alone survey. Utilizing this approach, individual organizations and industries can compare their results not just to “generic” normative data, but to normative data specifically linked to their business, industry, situation or unique function. This allows our end users of such surveys to comprehensively capture the issues facing their workforce and ultimately assess how they line up in comparison to like organizations. This is an extremely powerful approach and a much better use of dollars budgeted for survey research.

The following surveys are designed and modeled to measure very specific items, behaviors, events or audiences. Therefore, the core set of questions will not be modified or changed, and as a result, provide a true apples-to-apples comparison of data for our clients. If one of these standardized surveys doesn’t quite hit the mark for your audience, talk to us about the possibility of developing a standardized survey for your specific needs.

ATM – Ask The Member

This survey was specifically designed for credit unions who are member focused and budget conscious. This survey tackles common issues faced by nearly all credit unions but at a price that is truly a wise use of member funds.

Manager DNA

Tired of conducting a myriad of surveys in the workplace? Do your employees feel like they go from the employee survey to filling out 10-15 forms for the next wave of 360 or multi-rater surveys? If this is your organization, then the Manager DNA (Direct Needs Assessment) may be the answer for your “over-surveyed” audience. The Manager DNA allows you to combine your employee survey with the most critical part of a 360 survey – the direct reports. By combining both your employee survey with the key feedback from a 360 survey into one instrument, you reduce both time and costs. In addition, utilizing the DNA questions within your employee survey will allow you to compare your managers to those of other organizations as well as those in your organization. And, not to be overlooked, by incorporating these questions, we can help begin to train and develop your leaders not just on competencies, but also in the areas of character and capacity – two major realms almost always discounted in manager/supervisor leadership development. The beauty of the Manager DNA is that it can blend into any employee survey allowing you to gain these additional insights into your current and future leaders.

Employee Assessment

This is a standardized survey that allows you the flexibility to utilize our core set of questions as a stand-alone survey, or you can add questions to the core to create your own survey. This hybrid model allows you the opportunity to compare your organization to others on the core issues that are common across all industries, and yet, you have the flexibility to focus in on issues that may be specific to your situation. It’s fast, efficient and effective.

Safest Places To Work Culture Assessment

With our unique methodology, we identify where breakdowns may be happening in the process of promoting and practicing a culture of safe work habits. Once these key behaviors are identified, management can begin to ensure that these “safety drivers” are happening on a consistent basis. When these essential behaviors are practiced in a consistent manner, everyone wins! Employees are safer and view the company as truly caring, and the company wins because they reduce liability and can attract quality candidates.

Don’t See What you Need?

Again, if you have an idea for specific survey targeting a specific audience, please feel free to contact The Survey Institute for further discussions. We can be reached at 636-332-2510.



Need a cost-effective and in-depth look at how your organization compares to others? If this describes your situation, one of our standardized surveys is most likely the best fit for your organization.

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