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Regardless of the approach, the main reason our clients utilize our services goes directly back to our mission. Simply stated, we turn survey-research data into meaningful information. Unfortunately, many research projects just produce data, not information. At The Survey Institute, we recognize the fact that properly structured survey-research can provide critical insight into the thinking of your employees (a.k.a. – associates or members). Therefore, we take the crafting of your survey instrument very seriously. Even our “standardized” products utilize survey questions that have been previously tested to ensure consistency and reliability in how they are interpreted and rated by employees. Therefore, whether it’s a standardized product or a custom-developed product, our PhDs are ready to help and safeguard your research project. By having this level of involvement, we are able to fulfill our mission and support our clients in garnering “real information” from their projects and not just more data.

Employee surveys can mean different things to different organizations. Therefore, if you’re looking for a simple, standardized survey with the ability to compare against normative data, or you’re looking for a custom approach that best fits your organization, The Survey Institute has you covered. We offer a variety of approaches for your next employee survey – regardless of the main focus.

Standardized Surveys

Utilize a validated set of questions to measure audience perceptions and compare against normative data

Hybrid Surveys

Employ a validated set of questions while having the flexibility to add in your own specific questions to assess audience sentiment

Complete Customization

Develop your own unique question set for specific and targeted learning from your audience
“We have utilized The Survey Institute for several years and are always pleased with the exceptional customer service. All phases of our survey projects have been handled professionally, and always with the customer in mind. Our executive leadership is consistently impressed with the data integrity, useful end-reports and the Survey Institute’s willingness to assist us with any and all questions that we may have. Speaking as the manager of the survey process at our facility, I value the timeliness and accuracy of the data received and the outstanding personal attention. I highly recommend the Survey Institute for any survey needs.”
Celia Humphreys, RHIT, CCS, CPHQ

Director of Quality Management, Swope Health Services

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