Customer Surveys

Since our mission is to convert research data into meaningful information for decision-making support, it should only stand to reason that our philosophy is that customer survey data should drive strategic decisions to enhance your customer’s overall experience. These decisions ultimately must improve organizational performance or the efforts are wasted. All of our reports, analysis and improvement tools are designed with this single goal in mind. And, if you need a little “extra” help in driving these decisions home, we have former senior level executives (real ones from major corporations) to help you succeed. Our solutions not only enable companies to gather information on their customers, but also allows our clients to monitor and act on the feedback provided by the consumers of their products and services.

Other Common Customer Assessments:

Interest in new products and services
Market perception vs. the competition
Overall satisfaction
Product-specific satisfaction
Returns and exchange process satisfaction
Timeliness of delivery

“The Survey Institute was able to show us through advanced statistics where to focus our improvement efforts.  The areas identified by The Survey Institute would not have been the traditional areas of focus.  Our traditional focus would have gravitated toward the lowest scoring items, and in the case of our credit union, the lowest scores were not the key drivers of member satisfaction.  Consequently, the Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union directed its training of staff on these key issues. 

This information was incredibly helpful during my tenure as CEO and helped us to regain our growth momentum, by returning to and exceeding our membership growth goal of 10% in the year following the survey. This was possible because we knew the critical product and service needs of our existing membership and in so doing the desires of potential members. We also saw our assets increase the next year by 7% after 2 straight years of no growth. There is no doubt in my mind that we turned a corner after the survey from The Survey Institute because we were in possession of critical information that we would not have had without the survey.”

Richard L. Hurt

CEO, Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union

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