Custom Services

“The Survey Institute has provided quality service and products to our organization for several years. The Survey Institute team is truly unique is that they determine what really works best for your audience rather than forcing clients to use an “off-the-shelf” product and solution. It is through this custom approach that true insight is gained and true improvement can begin. I highly recommend The Survey Institute to anyone with consumer or employee research needs.”
Nolan Keller

Dealer Business Consultant, Wallis Companies

Custom Solutions

Let our expertise and variety of project tools help make sense of even the most puzzling situations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to capture the exact needs of our clients.  The following is a partial list of the custom services we provide.


Creating a survey instrument with excellent reliability and validity is a key component of survey research. Once thought of as an exercise for only the PhDs of the world, the business community and other organizations now realize the importance of this process. In short, it is the very foundation upon which all your survey data and ultimately decisions will be built. Although this psychological and statistical process can be complex, we are well versed in utilizing the tools that make this process as smooth and efficient as possible. In the end, your survey instrument will be scientifically sound and able to stand the scrutiny of any employee, manager or CEO questioning the survey’s methodology.


We utilize only ATA certified translators for our research projects. We have conducted surveys in over 30 different languages translating everything from Afrikaans to Zulu. If you have the need to accommodate one or several segments of your work force or customer base that speak a language other than English, we are equipped to easily handle such requests.

Employee Performance Review and Appraisal Applications

At The Survey Institute, we provide simple to use employee performance review tools that enable managers to assess their employees’ capabilities, and competencies. The system can also compare and rank these reviews against other employees across the organization. Additionally, The Survey Institute offers a professional sales version that enables sales management to not only rate the competencies of each individual but also to compare the strengths of the high performers in the sales force with the middle (or core) group of sales people. This is significant because if sales management can move the core (which is typically 60-70% of their sales team), they can achieve dramatic growth in sales. The key is to know exactly where to focus and what to focus on in order to drive sales. At The Survey institute, our powerful system and methodology enables you to do both.

Focus Groups

There are times when it is necessary to gain employee or consumer buy-in for a research project. One of the best ways to increase this buy-in is to make these key stakeholders part of the process by asking for their input via Focus Groups. In addition, Focus Groups are a great way to ensure your organization hasn’t overlooked any key categories or issues to be included on the survey.

Feedback Sessions

For those clients who need a little assistance after the survey discovering why employees or customers rated survey items in certain ways, The Survey Institute has a team of dedicated individuals to help you sift through the process of gleaning feedback. And, if you feel well-staffed to handle such an undertaking, but you need a little training to pull it off, The Survey Institute can provide hands-on coaching via “train the facilitator” sessions. These sessions help to ensure you rise above “generic” feedback and obtain specific insights into the mindset of your survey audience.

Executive Presentations

When the message of the survey results needs to be delivered by an unbiased third-party, The Survey Institute can provide unique insights and perspectives on what the data is truly saying. Drawing from our years of experience, The Survey Institute can provide additional information, suggestions and highlight pitfalls that an inside presentation team most likely will not be able to provide.

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