Our Mission

The mission of The Survey Institute is to convert research data into meaningful information for driving business strategy. Simply collecting data and converting it into numbers gives you nothing more than more numbers. It is only by transforming that data into mission-critical information that true value is gained. Effective action by management requires meaningful information…not just data. As data is converted into information, uncertainty in the business environment decreases, and the value of your research project dramatically increases. read more>

The Survey Institute has helped us take our survey process to a much higher level. By offering robust communication tools and training, they have aided our organization in seeing significant measurable improvement in associate satisfaction. Their on-line tools and reporting capability offer a broad array of ways to drill into the data in a way that surpasses what I’ve seen from other companies. Their expertise and willingness to customize as needed exceeded our expectations. When we are searching for fresh approaches, we know we can call their team to discuss national and international trending and brainstorm new ideas. The Survey Institute has been a wonderful partner in helping us improve the quality of work life for our associates.

Mary Ann Sutherland
Vice President, Human Resources
DST Output, Inc.

Our Promise

In addition to our strong commitment to providing meaningful information to drive business strategy, we at The Survey Institute are very committed to eliminating the many frustrations clients typically experience with research projects. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary system and method by which to deliver reports without overwhelming our clients.

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  • We have over 800 questions to choose from in our database.
  • Numerous reports available online.
  • Add your own questions in any language to customize your survey needs.
  • Guaranteed data integrity. Drill down on your data to any level.
  • You can compare regions, facilities, workgroups or any other data cuts necessary to provide insight and meaning.
  • Tailored survey solutions specific to your company’s needs.
  • We have PhDs available to help you with data analysis.

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